Meat alternatives that are just as nutritious as they are delicious


Delicious, nutritious & plant-based


Driven by our uncompromising love for people, the planet and animals, we make meat alternatives that are as delicious as they are nutritious. We do this using tempeh - an all-natural plant-based protein originating in Java, Indonesia.



Tempeh is delicious, packed with protein, fibre and a range of micronutrients, planet-friendly and plant-based - it literally has it all!

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Better Nature consist of experts in their respective fields, who respond rapidly to global needs for nutritious and sustainable foods. Better Nature’s key strength is its speed in creating innovative products through its agile R&D and the way it treats its people, internally and externally.

Wida Winarno, Director of PT Embrio Biotekindo

The inspiring Better Nature team is a big hearted, effective group poised to take the ancient superfood, tempeh, to new heights.

Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky

The Better Nature team are so knowledgeable when it comes to tempeh, and are really living the brand. With their team values and fantastic product, Better Nature is set to be a leading protein company.

Michiel van Deursen, Founder of Capital V & Early Investor of the Vegetarian Butcher

Better Nature products are the perfect meat replacement! I love the flavour and bite of the products and how natural, nutritious and protein-rich tempeh is.

Nourishing Amy, UK plant-based food blogger, recipe developer & food photographer

We love Better Nature tempeh - they are using a really interesting range of pulses to create products that not only taste great but are healthy and good for the planet!

Judy Nadel & Damien Clarkson, Founders of Vevolution

Tempeh has great potential as a product in its own right, but as a base product for spin offs too and the team are developing what should be a strong position in this category, with flexibility to innovate.

Richard Worrall, Head of Food Innovation Centre at University of Nottingham