In order to truly fulfill our mission - to create a world that’s better for people, the planet and animals - we know how important it is that this is reflected in all the work we do as a company, from big decisions to small everyday behaviours. 

To do this, our resident sustainability guru and wonderful Head of Social & Sustainability Noora, has written our Sustainability & Ethics policy - a document which outlines all the ways in which we will try to not only limit the damage we cause to the environment and the world around us, but ideally have a positive impact on them too. As a start-up it’s not always easy to make the perfect choices, or at least as quickly as we’d like to, but we’re big advocates for dreaming big, setting objectives and continuously working towards them rather than letting limited resources get us down.

Key focuses of the policy include:

  • Sustainable materials: We use sustainable materials wherever possible, from the business cards we order to the foods we purchase for events to our packaging. Packaging is something we’ve had real trouble with as tempeh is such a unique food product to produce and package, but we promise we’re working incredibly hard behind the scenes to find suitable sustainable alternatives, as well as to minimise the impact of the plastic we are currently using - we will be sharing updates on this when we can!

  • Sustainable practices: We implement sustainable practices wherever possible, such as minimising the collateral we produce to only when completely necessary, minimising the waste we produce in all aspects of the business, recycling the waste we do produce where appropriate and ensuring all our products are organic and sustainably-sourced. Our aim is to be completely zero waste by 2024. 

  • Carbon Footprint: We try to minimise our carbon footprint where possible. One example of this is flying - we favour video calls and trains wherever possible but when flying can't be avoided, we offset the emissions through ClimateCare. Another example is our amazing fulfilment partner for our online shop, Pack Fulfilment, who offset 110% of the emissions created through all their deliveries, including ours - got to love planet-friendly packing! Our aim is to become a Carbon Neutral company by 2022.

  • Vegan: We are and have always been a 100% vegan company, so we do not purchase any animal products in any area of the business and never will. 

  • Ethical practices: We try to ensure that everything we source, whether for our products, any collateral or food for events, have been produced ethically, fitting in with our mission to be ‘better for people, the planet and animals.’ 

  • Charity partner: We are in partnership with the Indonesian Tempe Movement, working with them to improve the perception and accessibility of tempeh in Indonesia - all in order to help overcome protein energy malnutrition, a devastating condition which affects a large proportion of the population. As part of this, we have been working on a project called the Tempeasy - the world’s first all-in-one table top tempeh maker that will mean anyone can make tempeh, wherever they are and whatever crops they have available to them.

  • Volunteering programme: We are currently in the process of setting up our volunteering programme which will kick off in February 2020, whereby everyone in the team will take a day out every 3 months to spend volunteering in whatever way they’d like. 


If you’d like to learn more about this policy, or have any suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at:

We would really love to hear from you!